3 Drinks That Can Cause Bad Breath

Dental health is not only determined by how strong and good our teeth are, but also by other factors such as the health of the gums and mouth.
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Our mouth is the starting place for all food and drinks to empty and process.
Of course, a lot of parts are involved in the process of eating or drinking so we must diligently clean it so that there is no food left.
Without us knowing the foods that enter our mouth can be the cause of bad breath.
The bad breath must be a problem that not only makes you shy but also lowers your confidence.
Besides the bad habits of not brushing your teeth regularly, there are some drinks that we often encounter every day can cause bad breath.

1. Coffee
Maybe this is a favorite drink of many people, but unfortunately coffee can cause bad breath because of the sulfur content that triggers odors in the oral cavity.
Caffeine in coffee can also cause dry mouth, which worsens the potential for bad breath.

2. Alcohol
The latest study in 2018, published in the medical journal Microbiome, analyzed saliva samples of more than a thousand healthy people aged between 55 and 84 years.
The researchers found that the concentration of bacteria that caused odor was obtained from bacteria from alcoholic beverages.

3. Carbonated drinks
The sugar and acid content in carbonated drinks can cause bacterial growth in the mouth, causing an unpleasant sour smell.
Well, about there is a drink that is your favorite or not ladies?
Experts recommend drinking water immediately after drinking the drink to prevent bad breath.
Because water is neutral so it can function ‘rinse’ the oral cavity from bacteria that cause odor and food scraps.

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