The Origin of Bed Bugs Revealed

Scientists have used genetics to uncover the origins of bed bugs Hawaii. They found that there were two bloodlines in Europe. They are so diverse that they almost split into two species. Another important finding, their origin lies in bats. The genealogy of bats may refer to bats and humans alike inhabiting the cave. A researcher provides the first genetic evidence that bats are the ancestral host of bed bugs that disturb human habitation today.

Bed bugs have been around for a long time, along with human relationships. A pregnant female bed bug can occupy an entire apartment building and the creature can go through many incest marriages with no adverse effects at all. What they need are humans to quench their thirst. This certainly makes us aware if nerds can develop quickly. In 1950 they largely disappeared from homes and hotels, due to effective pesticide campaigns. However, 15 years ago they came back.