These Two Magic Shows Are Risky And Dangerous

Magic shows that include danger tend to attract more audiences. That’s why magic performers love to show off risky and dangerous magic shows. In this article, we will share some info regarding two types of risky magic shows. Meanwhile, if you want to hire a safe and trustworthy magician for your wedding instead of a risky one, we suggest you hire the best Wedding Magician in London.

Magic Using Money, Has become the most popular modern magic today. Multiplying, Changing Form, Changing Nominal, Become Magic Attraction on this one.

Magic game with money, most suitable to do on the streets (Street Magic). You can do it with anyone you meet on the road. Show your money, or borrow money from spectators.

In addition, there is one type of magic that is more dangerous than magic that simply uses money from your pocket. This Magic is not as dangerous as its name. This magic is called fire magic, but with safe limits that have been practiced by professionals in their fields. Even so, this type of magic is still not recommended for use by users under the age of 18 years.

Using the right tools and environment in doing Fire Magic, became the main requirement of this magic. Although safe, every magic has its own risks.

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